Wednesday, October 27, 2010



So i thought i had pulished this post and just realized i did not lol! I swear i need a Long Island Iced Tea with an extra shot NNNOOOWWW!

So this is what I wore the other day =D

I look annoyed lol! i got this Dereon skinny knit, thick pants to use as my uniform for the Hospital (I volunteer at the ER, Dsng it Med School Reqs) but theyt are way too awesome for me to just wear on Wednesdays, so I just decided to make them mine!!!!

OMG This belt has been in my closet for a good 4 years (it did not fir before) and was on sale for $5 at Target LOL...I noticed that i have been obsessed with gray, seriously, everytime i go shopping i have to stop and look because most of the stuff i grab is gray o_O

I am not a vest person but this looked nerdy enough and stretchy

Uh, where did my lipcolor go??

i swear my hair was flawless! i was sweating, so i put it up. seriously, i was wearing a nice lipcolor =D


  1. Very cute!!!where did your lip color go?! heheheh

  2. Thanks ladies! You are all so awesome and I learn so much from all of you =D What would I do without you ladies and your blogs?!

  3. you look great! love your makeup here!

  4. You are very brave for volunteering at the ER! Kudos! I don't think I would be able to do it..I have a strong stomach, but very emotional and sensitive personality lol!
    Love the outfit! :)

  5. I love your eye makeup. Gorgeous!!

  6. hola hermosa muy buena entrada, me gusta mucho como dejas tus ojos el resultado final es impecable
    pasaba a saludar y a desearte una muy buena semana