Friday, April 12, 2013

FOTD: Fire Red Eyes

Can you tell I am on a sugarpill kick lately?!  I am not a fan of their lose pigments but damn their pressed matte shadows are amazing!  I wore this 'subtle' look to the mall, I actually enjoyed the attention I got. Mind you, I went to an upscale mall in which people are older, wealthy and mostly neutral faced ;)

Bad cell phone quality, I know, and I totally did not take pics using my real camera :(
hey, at least i kept the lip pale/natural lol

I got asked at the Mac Pro store if 'I' did this on my eyes....uh, yes, some of us non pro's can do makeup too ;)  they all loved it, of course, because of the loud colors. I swear it was lots brighter in person.
Then the ladies at Lush asked if I had this done at, "I" did this to my face.


Sugarpill Burning Heart palette....all the colors
wispie lashes, liner.


  1. This is eeehh ah-mazing :D Loving it!
    haha, I feel you, that´s annoying! xx

  2. Pretty, you're really talented :)
    I tagged you for a versatile blogger award