Saturday, March 23, 2013

FOTD: St Patricks inspired


Today is my Birthday!!! (3/23), however, this is not my birthday of today, I am still not sure what I want to wear makeupwise on this day.

I wore this look to a family dinner on St Patrick's Day!  :D it was so very loud green, but I had no time to just wash it off, so I went with it ;)

I used the green in the Sugarpill Heartbreaker palette and Urban Decay buck and naked.

I went a little crazy with the bronzer but meh, it was all right ;) This is a little late, but I just cant seem to be able to schedule posts as I want them using my phone...

I told my little one that this was St Patrick Day inspired...then she went on to ask me why it was green since 'Patrick" is pink...and if I was going to do a "spongebob" one too :O LOL

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