Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cheap little gem: Ponds

Hello :)

I wanted to share with you this awesome inexpensive face cream. I found it at Target in the travel size section, and it was about $1.47 or this 1.75oz tub.  They have other 'versions' but this one appealed to me, as it says it eves out the skin tone.


It claims to even out the skin in 2-4 weeks. I dont have brown hyperpigmentation at all, but i do have a few 'acne marks' that look like flat, not textured freckles on my jaw line.  I have been using this for 3 weeks and luckily it did not break me out (most things do, sadly) and it did not make my skin more oily ( i have combo skin).  I beleive the full size version comes in normal/dry and normal.oily.  

Even though this is the normal/dry version, it is not greasy at all and I eel it has the right amount of moisture.  after 3 weeks, I do notice more even skin and those red marks are almost faded away. 

I cannot seem to want to commit to the huge 8oz tub, even though its worth it ($8), so I will keep buying this little ones, plus, they are cute and fit inside my medicine cabinet nicely, :)

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