Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara

 Hello :)

So, many of you have probably seen this mascara/brand every time you walk into Walgreens or Kmart.  I know I have, and I always skipped it, not even thinking about looking at what was on display.  Last year, I was in need of mascara, but kinda for the moment, so I did not want to spend $10, since it was for a one time use kind of thing. 

At $3, this caught my eye and I bought it.  I did use this and I actually liked it, but never really gave it a chance, since I have my many other faves that I was in love with. I picked this up again recently when I went to Kmart, and I tried it again and OMG, I love it!.

I have thin, sparse, short (think 'asian') lashes and its hard to get a good lash really, but one "careful" coat and my lashes were significantly longer and no clumps!

I am a fan of huge brushes, but this one is the perfect size.  It is very black and it does work, however, it could look spidery if you apply too much. 

The formula is a little wet, but that does not prevent the mascara from curling the lashes and making them stand out. I tried it without curling my lashes first, and it gave me long pretty lashes.  I was running late for class, so I couldn't take a decent picture of the before and after, but I sure will soon. 

I tossed the packaging, so I don't know what the claims are.  As soon as I take some pictures I will update this post.  I believe Jordana Cosmetics are cruelty free, but dont quote me on that, I wear it all, so I never look into that kind of stuff.  

If you are wanting to try a cheap mascara that is actually worth the time it takes to put it on, give this a try, you will like it ;)

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