Thursday, August 30, 2012

Freelancing: Before and After

Hello, I just wanted to show you all my very first makeup application on someone other than me!  I am not a makeup artist and I don't have the proper certification, but I do love makeup and I feel I have a little talent, even though I don't post most of my looks here. 

She 'forced' me to do her face. I was scared but I did. Here are the results:
Before. No makeup at all.

After :) 

I forgot to take a close up of her eyes, but they were simple. she is not big into dramatic or colorful makeup at all, so this was a little out of her comfort zone, so I kept it simple. 

all together. 

FYI, she gave me permission to post these, she is related to me lol, And it was so hard t otake a good picture, man this woman does not photograph well (its ok, she's my little sister, I can say this. I would never post or say that if it were a client). I had to make fun of her, that was the only way she smiled, then i snapped this pic :)

I accomplished something. I think I converted her to Mac, I used all mac here, so she wrote the stuff down and we will be going to the counter soon. Yay for hopefully having converted my sister to makeup :)

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