Thursday, July 12, 2012

Maybelline Lipsticks: Porcelain Collection

I was late to the party, as usual. I had no idea this collection existed until I saw someone with a gorgeous lipstick and asked, and well, it was one of these.  Of course, I never venture into Walgreen's really, and lately, I have been avoiding drugstore makeup, unless it's something I ran out of. 
After looking at quite a few stores, I did find all of them but 2, which I was both happy and bummed, because I really wanted the darkest color in this LE collection. 

Excuse the random nail polish lol

Porcelain Pink, Flawless Fuchsia, Suede, and Afternoon Tea.

Porcelain Pink, Flawless Fuchsia, Suede, and Afternoon Tea.
Top: Suede and Porcelain Pink
Bottom: Flawless Fuchsia and Afternoon Tea 

My absolute favorite is Afternoon Tea. It is a color that just by looking a the tube, I would have never bought, but because I want to branch out of my comfort zone (mind you, I wear neon lips lol), I got it, and I am so glad I did! It is the perfect neutral with a kick. on me, it is my lips but 'better'.  I went to several other Walgreen's to try and find a back up and perhaps the other 2 I am missing but had no luck :( 

I wore these over Urban Decay lip primer and it lasted a few hours on me before I touched it up.  The formula is nice, and the scent reminded me of MAC. win-win!

Did you guys buy these? I wish I could get my hands on that purply one they had...oh well ;) 

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  1. Afternoon Tea is very pretty! I have seen a few bloggers share about this collection, but I didn't pick anything up from it :(