Tuesday, July 17, 2012

FOTD: Hot Pink

It has been very hot here lately, and we also got some rain, which makes this heat unbearable. It is one thing being 115 degrees and dry, but when you add humidity to that, well it plainly sucks.  My makeup has been minimal (well to me lol), and mainly consists of BB cream and liner, but I got a waterproof mascara and I have been wearing it, although I don't like how difficult it is to take off. :p

here is a close up. Excuse the brows. I have no idea why they always photograph splotchy!

Full face.

I thought of wearing just a sheer gloss, but I was in the mood for loud lips so I wore neon punk lips.

I never really show silly faces here, or anywhere really, but I always manage to take silly pics, most of the time they are intentional.  Here, I took this duck faced picture for my friends in a makeup group. 
yep, I make the infamous duck face look good...J/K :)

I thought I'd share my outfit. This shirt is a dress really, but I am super tall, this will not do as a dress, plus, I don't really show my legs, so I wore leggins. I kind of like it. and I went out of my comfort zone and threw in a denim vest and a red skinny belt.  Honestly. I liked how it looked, even if it is not too fashiony or fashion forward. 

Milany felt tip liner in Pink
PF eyeboost eyeliner in Very Black
CG Lashblast waterproof mascara
MUFE Aqualiner in black

L'Oreal Lumi Foundation in N1-2
MAC MSF natural in Medium
SK Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette 
MAC Blush in Lovecloud.

MAC Quick Sizzle
NYX lip liner in Hot Pink


  1. Super cute look, and that out fit is adorable. I would totally wear that! Neon lips on you are amazing. I really want to try some BB cream.

    1. Thank you. And you should try bb creams. I love them and I wear them most days. The best one to start with is Missha Perfect cover. It is amazing.