Monday, June 25, 2012

FOTD and a teeny Lush purchase

I did absolutely nothing this weekend, even though I did not have my daughter until Sunday! That said, I am all caught up on all the movies I have been wanting to see. I also did not go anywhere important at all lol, and when I did, This is the lazy makeup I wore. 

It is so much faster and easier to glue on some flasies instead of messing arounf with mascara lol...
on lips:  MAC force of Love Lipglass. 

I also stopped my out only LUSH store in AZ.  It was a but overwhelming and very crowded, so I only got this bubble bar for my daughter....if she/I like it, I will definitely look up reviews and stop by during the week and go nuts lol

Have you all tried LUSH? Anything that you recommend??


  1. It's really pretty and simple for the summer, I like it.

    My latest blog post: check it out!

  2. you look gorgeous, that lip colour is lovely (again!). I've tried thst from Lush and loved it! Super bubbly, so I would say only use half, if even that. I usually just fling it all in and then get totally overwhelmed by bubbles! lol x