Tuesday, June 19, 2012

FOTD: Huge lashes and Neon Lips

I wore this simple face to a work event. I was not in them mood to do any artistic makeup, so bright lips solved the issue!
Lashes are SugarPill Pixie Bomb. I adore this lashes so very much <3
Lips: MAC Dear Diary. Love it. So neony pink and makes me feel better about not having Candy Yum Yum in my life. 

I took this pic for my mom. She still gets all amazed/freaked out because I make my almondy small eyes look huge using just makeup. she stares and really questions the 'how' lol. 


  1. GORGEOUS! I love your necklace :) x

  2. Beautiful I adore this combination!

  3. Thank you ladies. The lashes are so pretty, I will definitely get a backup pair next time i order from Sugarpill :)