Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sleek Acid and Ultra Mattes Palettes

I was finally able to get my hands on some Sleek palettes.  A friend who lives in the UK offered to get these for me, and I immediately agreed to it.  I know the Acid palette was not being sold in the US due to FDA regulations, and if I read correctly somewhere online, it is the same case with the new Ultra Mattes :(
Here are the 2 I chose, and of course I now want more and more Sleek :)

My new loves....<3

Top: Acid
Bottom: Ultra Mattes V2 palette 


Flash, swatched over a sheer white base.

no flash

Ultra Mattes V2

Flash, also swatched over a sheer white base 

I am loving these palettes so much, that I think I want the other Matte version and perhaps more of them. I did use the dark matte palette, and I forgot to take a picture lol.  I will try to get creative and I will post a picture when I come up with something.

Have you ladies tried Sleek?


  1. que bonitos colores!!

    1. Gracias. La verdad estan padres y tienen mucho color. Lo malo es que no lo venden aqui, ya que es una marca de UK. :)