Sunday, May 20, 2012

FOTD: Nothing Special :)

Hello people :)  I am finally on summer break and I am sooooo happy! I have actually been wearing makeup now that I have more time and are not too lazy.   Here is my face/look on a normal day...

Au natural hair lol.  Nothing on it exept a little coconut oil after I washed it. Messy! 
I was not privileged with permanent straight hair...(i had it pin straight till I was 13. no pin would even stay on my hair, then this :s)

Omg look at my 5 inch roots. ugh. I have been undecided as far as what I want to do to my hair. 
I have not cut it since July 2011, and colored it since August 2011 (semi permanent) @_@

Uh, yeah, Who am I kidding?! I live in AZ and its over 100*F here. 
yea wavy, flowy, long hair....hell no!   This is what i did. I did not even grab a brush or looked in the mirror. 
and it did not come out too bad lol

I also wore my bad girl arm candy. A super cute wrap "belt" bracelet and a "Dragon Spine" (Named by the amazing Andrea from Evil Shades Cosmetics and made with real nuts/bolts by me!
I actually got lots of compliments on that metal/cord bracelet :)

In case you wonder..
I wore Skin79 Vital BB cream (hot orange one)
Nars Orgasm blush
Mac lipstick in Pink Popcorn
and UD NAKED2 palette on the eyes 


  1. Great looks! Love the Dragon Spine bracelet! I have straight, flat hair and it really sucks, I'd love to have some hair with texture!

  2. I wish I had wavy hair my hairs is too straight I really have to work with it if I want ANY wave to it, I like the braided do very cute.