Sunday, April 29, 2012

Skin79 Vital BB Cream (orange tube) 27

I had been wanting to try this new BB cream and finally decided to do so.  I got it off Ebay, I have never had issues with BB creams and they have all been authentic.  I paid $17, a little more because I wanted registered mail.   

I also got a sample packet of that Tomato mask and a sample of the new 
Lioele BB cream (Excuse the Dermalogica lol)

Natural lighting.  
Left: BB cream  Right:  Revlon colorstay in Buff

Closer look.  They are about the same color.  the BB cream is slightly more 
'skin tone' than the Revlon, but they swatch the same.

Blended out.

I am wearing the BB cream here

This BB cream is a little different than the other Skin79 BB creams I have.  The first notable difference is the color.  This is not gray at all, it looks more like a 'foundation' and it is definitely yellow toned, nit a hint of pink!

Consistency wise, it is a little thicker than the Hot Pink tube, and a lot thicker than the Skin79 Oriental Gold BB cream.

Coverage is medium to full, depending on how much you apply.  It is thick and slightly sticky and very pigmented, so it is not as forgiving as other BB creams.  I find it easier to apply with my fingers and not a brush or sponge, just because is so thick.  One pump is way too much for my entire face, unless i  am adding a second layer.  Definitely covers well with a thin layer, perhaps a dab of concealer here and there will be better than to layer this one on.  It does not oxidize on me at all, it does 'match' my face after a few minutes, but it does not turn orange at all.   This is about an NC15, which is a tad too light for me, but I happen to have a tube of Missha BB cream in a dark shade, so i add a dab and it works like magic.

I have been wearing this rather than foundation lately, mainly because of the SPF40, but also because it does cover. I still set it with a powder even though it sets matte.  I have not seen any breakouts from it or irritations, which is awesome.  By far, this and the Hot Pink tube are my absolute faves and I will have a back up....because of the packaging, there is not way to tell how much you have left, and there is not way to open it either to try to take a look...

Overall, I love it, it controls oil just as other BB creams do, no more or less, and it covers well.  I cannot reiterate enough that if you buy this, ever, start with a teeny amount, it is thick, and it will just look very pasty and not flattering.!!!

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