Friday, April 27, 2012

OOTD: Romper.. (day 25)


OMG, yes, I went there. I never wear rompers or shorts really.  I dont like my legs, they are so ugly, but I saw this on sale, and I got one for my bff, then I went back for another one for me.  It is far too short and my legs are truly ugly, but I dont think I will care.  I like it, and I am glad they had a more normal size lol...

Excuse the messy mirror, my 4 yr old loves a mess. and I forgot to clean it before the pic :/
I added the belt, I felt like it gave it more personality. 

High heels <3  I have never worn these BCBG heels. ever. I cant walk in them. but 
I thought they would look nice for the picture. And I need a tan, but sadly, I am too lazy to keep it up.
so i have never gotten one.

my legs and the rest of my body, (except my arms, neck, chest, and face) are too light lol.


  1. Cute! Love the romper with that belt! Looks great on you, even if you are uncomfortable with your legs.

  2. Wait you hate your legs?! I seriously think they look fantastic!