Thursday, March 8, 2012

SugarPill EOTD: Purple & Black

Hello lovelies!!

I had such a busy weekend and a busy Monday, but I am glad its over.  I had 2 parties to go to  over the weekend, plus an exam to study for, all on top of being a mom of a rather needy 4yr old.   We had a surprise bday party for my significant other, and although it was more of a family gathering, I felt like being a little extravagant for the occasion...Here is what i looked like on Saturday.

Sugarpill Magentric, Hysteric and Tiara 
VIE Obscene
Super glittery lol.  I love me some SP!!

Excuse the tight face lol. i was trying not to laugh at my kid, who was 
trying too hard to ruin the picture, and she did in a way lol

OMG. this is the shortest dress i have ever worn and the highest wedges i own.  I think these are a good 4.5 inches.  Needless to day, I look gigantic, I am 5'11 so yeah :/  but they were super comfy
and for once, my clothes was not a size too big. 

This is me at the end of the night lol...and the bday boy...I dont think i have ever shared a picture of him...
I hope he doesnt find out i posted it lol.

Why yes, yes we did. His sisters and I thought a PINK cake was a fantastic idea ;)
He did not mind it was pink, as expected.  This man is so confident and so not a 'phobe' that hardly ever anything bothers him lol


  1. Love the Sugarpill look! You look great in that dress! Yay for tall women! I'm 5' 10" :) the cake is awesome! I can't believe he didn't like the pink cake ;)

    1. I am slowly getting to love heels lol.. No!! He liked it, he did not care it was pink.

  2. omg you look amazing I love how that dress looks on you and your make up looks more amaizng every time I check it our xoxox

    1. Thanks girlie. It was a little short, but I love it. Its a tad big on me, which shocked me lol, so i wore that cover up ;)

  3. Thank you. I was like 6'3 lol.