Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nail Polish Haul

Hello <3

I might have gone a little nuts buying nail polish. I swear i do not need more, I have a large rack (like those at the salons) full, and i have not even swatched about half of them lol. 

Wet Cement, French White,  On a Trip

I have only used "On a Trip" and i love it. It is a blueish purple (blurple) shade, and 2 coats gives you 
nice opacity.  The  brush is definitely different/wider, but i don't see that as a con at all. 

Revlon "Whimsial" 

This is so pretty on the bottle. but looks a little sheer.  I will most likely use this over a 
white polish, or perhaps over a baby blue color, just so the nice sparkles nad texture
can be better appreciated.

3 coats and Seche Vite. Excuse the orange skin. I have no clue why my cellphone 
takes orange pictures lol (next time i will not be lazy and use my camera)!!!


Just look at that duochrome sparkle :) 

I cant wait to try this one. It is Holographic, and i imagine if I were to use one of 
those "flakies" topcoats in

Revlon: "Varnished" and "Grey suede"

"Varnished" is very pretty and has pearl finish. It is not gold, rather, it is a pewter with goldish tones? 
not exactly a gold but not all the way pewter lol. I LOVE it.

I have yet to try "Grey Suede" but it looks like its a cream finish with micro silver glitter...but super micro!

And i found this!  A dupe to a Revlon color....But I forgot to write down the name and 
i cant find in my stash  :/

This 2 are identical. I did not see any undertone differences at all, even when I opened both of them
to look at the color (no worries, i bought them both) lol. 

I guess I better make my nails grow nice and pretty. I have short nails and short nail beds and lately they have not been willing to grow, but the better because  I have the entire China Glaze "The Hunger Games" collection on its way to me!!!!.


  1. Wet Cement looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Yay for finding Whimsical! Great polish haul! Love the colors you got!

  3. I have been lusting after whimsical for forever! It's so pretty. I'm really liking the new Wet N Wild ones, I am currently rocking the purple one now and it has worn quite well!
    <3 Amber