Monday, February 13, 2012

My Holy Grail Mascara: See for yourself :)

Hello Lovelies...

Today i wanted to show you my favorite mascara, actually, my HG mascara of all time.  Now, don't get me wrong, I do buy high end from time to time, I also deviate for short periods of time and use other brands, but somehow, i always come back to this one, ALWAYS.  I have been using this mascara for many years, since i was a teen.   I used to drive to the border (Mexico) very often, like every other weekend to visit my cousins and spend the weekend there.  One day, she gave me a tube. I brought it home, stashed in a drawer for a month, then found it while cleaning and decided to use it.....OMG did i kick my self in the butt for ignoring it and for judging it by its look and price!!!!!!!!

This is the brand, "By Apple" it is a Mexican brand, but they have it here in the US
some shops ('mexican stores' lol) or Amazon/Ebay.
Price?  $2.00  YES, TWO BUCKS O.O

Here are my non existent lashes with and without it.  I used 2 coats...not super rushed coats, just two decent coats. 

I know, right!!!!!!!

Also, this never really clumps.  The brush is rather big, and pat at the end and tapers in toward the tip.  It takes a few tries (or less) to get the hang of it and to like the formula.  It is not a runny formula and it is NOT Vegan (for those interested) as it is Bees wax based, which also makes it water resistant.

I used this while recovering from LASKI, 3 months of eye drops every 2 hours all day, every day.  It never migrates to my face, I never get racoon eyes etc.

I also have not gotten a reaction from any of the formulations, ever.  I have not researched the ingredients much, but just like any cosmetic, it is man made, and there fore, there is a slight chance someone might get a reaction (just like i do with MAC foundations, liners, and mascara, and they are a trusted company).  That mentioned, if you come across them, get one. try it, you will love it!!!!!

I used the "Mamey" (beige/metallic red letters) here. i also use the "Avocado", "Pink and Green" and Ceramides.  Those are my favorites.   See that one of the left bottom side, the black tube? (also comes in a tan tube)....those I HATE lol and they are $3.  I LOVE the original tubes, the ones on the right.


  1. Wow this is great! You know what my mom would use this apple brand but it had the actua l picture fothe Mamey on it,. I used it when I first started using mascara around 17-18 and I realyl liked it. The label then said that hte mamey had vitamins to help grow your lashes. Is there any stores here in AZ that carry it?

    1. I have only seen this on the West side of town, in one of those typical 'fashion'stores (BBB Fashion on 51st ave and indian school). But, you can now order directly through the US distributor,! They have them for $1.35 (includes tax) and shipping is around $6 :)

  2. Never heard of this brand but wow, only $2?? Def looks amazing on you!!!