Friday, February 10, 2012

FOTD: Colorful eyes, Bright Blue Liner :)


I finally decided to not be so neutral or minimal makeup today, yay!  I did not have time to do much, as i had tons of school work and house chores, but i did try to make my eye makeup nice and sunny and bright, since it was pretty cloudy and cold here in AZ today. 

I used Top row, last color (Learn from Yesterday, a purply pink) on the outer corner.
Bottom row, middle color (Becca-ecca), a chartreuse-ish green, inner corner.
Bedtime Bear, bright blue as liner a long with a matte black on top of the blue liner.
All by Virus Insanity Eyeshadow.

I actually toned down these colors. I used very little and blended well. 
These are way more pigmented :) 

The outer corner is a mangenta/purple color and looks sort of brownish purple here lol

I used minimal blush and sheer pink gloss. 
BRTC Recovery Balm (BB Cream) 
Laneige Snow Crystal powder to set 
That's it! Quick and the liner matched my tee :)

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