Monday, November 21, 2011

wnw LE Baked Palettes


I am so happy AZ got the LE wnw stuff this year! We never get the LE palettes, and the new stuff gets here way after it was released.  I lucked out and bought these 3 weeks ago, along with so many more to send out to those makeup junkies like me who could not locate them locally. Here are the swatches to 2 of them, sadlty, I have not had the time to swatch the pink/purple one :)
"Bakeoff Contest"
swatched over concealer.

I used 4 out of the 6 colors here:

"Baked not Fried"

These are my faves :)

Overall, I like these, however, i think they are a hit ror miss. I was less impressed with the blue one, it tends to be on the sheer side, but the colors are gorgeous and can be built up.  The brown one, its very pretty, but since I have the UD Naked palette, I dont think i will use it as much. 

These are a great buy at $4.99, and of couse, i will keep them and perhaps give the remaining palettes i bought as xmas gifts.  Have you guys tried these?

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