Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ELF Mineral Eyeshadows

Hello =P

So i was at target a couple of days ago and i was strolling by the makeup section (weird lol) and i bumped into an ELF mineral shadow kit/set of 2 shadows and one brush.  I am not sure about the regular pricing, but im guessing its $5 regular price?  Well this was marked down to $3.25, and i immediately picked it up.  Lets take a look:
Beachy and Dreamy

Noice how the UDPP brings out the black undertones? weird!

This brush works wonders with loose pigments.  i think i got far less fallout using this one 
than my Sigma brushes.

Overall, i loved these colors, my favorite is "Dreamy"!!  it gives such a nice pop of teal-ish blue....omg i wore it with neutrals, brown/bronze to be exact and i loved it.

I had little expectations for ELF mineral makeup, as i find it a little overpriced, however, this is definitely worth the price, even at $5...however, i still cannot make myself pay $5 per single eyeshadow @_@

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  1. Huh, that is weird that the UDPP would bring out darker tones! Anyways, I love the colors!