Friday, April 22, 2011

CoverGirl Nature Lux Vs SkinFood Aloe BB Cream


Here i go again. 2 days in a row with the same product lol, but i felt necessary to tell you what i discovered!  Lets just get to the point of this post!!!!!    
           SkinFood Aloe BB Cream  Vs CoverGirl NatureLuxe Foundation
isnt the packaging nearly identical, almost like a dupe!!??

Check out the swatches @-@
SkinFood Aloe BB cream (L) and CG NatureLuxe in Flax (R)

Different angle and lighting.
SkinFood on top and CG on bottom

SkinFood Aloe BB blended out (L) Vs CG NatureLuxe (R)
I knew the CGNatureLuxe reminded me of something way too familiar, but it took some digging around untill i found my SkinFood Aloe BB cream!!!! 

OMG the CG is a DUPE to the BB cream.  The packaging, colors, theme and the smell is identical!   CG Flax comapares to the lightest shade in BB cream, the undertone is identical, color and even when swatched, and blended @_@

The only slight difference is the texture/feel to them. BB cream is a little tacky at first, and feels more like a  suncreen, and the CG is just velvety, think silicine primer texture.

So in short, CG is a Dupe to SkinFood Alore BB, whether intentional or not, i dont know, but if that were the case, then CG had a lot of competition and work to do to catch up to the quality and benefits of Asian cosmetics, especilally BB cream!

Thats all i have for this post,,,im still shocked at their almost identical product.  My fave of the two: SkinFood Alow BB cream, of course!!!!  In my opinion, nothing beats a Korean/Japanese BB cream in terms of versatility, coverage but most importantly, the skin care benefits they provide!!!!!


  1. they are really same but nice. thanks for sharing

  2. They really do look alike you face looks flawless on your first post hope your doing good have. Great Easter with your love ones

  3. wow they do look alike, great post!

  4. Thanks so much for this comparison! :)