Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Wow i feel like i have been MIA for sooooo long...however, i have been stopping by your blogs during my breaks from homework.
This is a quick post on a new Mineral fondation and eyeshadow (yes, i am addicted lol).  Remember how i had broken up tremendously? Were is the progress i have made thus far...not bad huh!
I recently bought a trial size or Orglamix mineral foundation, and with my order, i reveved a free 'full' sized mineral eyecolor!

I really liked Orglamix's foundation.  It is way better than BE and it does surpass me fave EDM.  The only problem i have here is that their full sizes are EDM sample size.  they say its 1gram in a 10g jar but the jar are 5g but are deceiving and are smaller).  I can get that same sixe at EDM for $2.50 ea or the FREE try me kits with 5 times more....but Orglamix gives that "Matte glow' if that makes sense.

The eyeshadow is very pretty and has an opalescent glow.  it is a cool toned purple and gives off a holographic array of blue and purple.  Their sizes are also in that deceiving jar, and are also $6.50, and in my opinion its too much for a shadow or a foundation that size (considering shipping).  Also, the pigment seems uncut/mixed.  Idk, but i have a feeling is a straight mica rather than a unique color.  Aside from that, damn, i do love this foundation because it actually matches my skin color perfectly...or so i say lol!
I will see if they (its a lady, so she) have a bigger amount that is a better value.  if not, i will suck it up and buy it.  its that good.

Here is a recent picture of my almos 100% acne-free face and not retouched at all. lol. i wish i had photoshop too much fun =D  Also, if i am not doing Chemistry lab or lecture homework i am crying over Physics lab and lecture and on my spare time, well my daughter has me well to busy with my you will see below ;)

Very dewey looking lol

Orglamix eyeshadow in "Freesia"

This is what my daughter picked out from our recent
trio to the "Dolly-Dolly" (Hobby Lobby)

Tote bag was plain, she wanted it "more pretty" so she wanted
me to find a GIANT strawberry...yeah right...from where?

she tried too hard to say "cheese" but she did say to
"put the picture in mommy's computer" lol

OMG, she went nutz with that scarf thingy.  She adored it...and quickly wrapped
it around her neck...then waist...shes tooooooo much!

That is it.  I have been swamped with school...and i still wonder why in the heavens do i not just use my Bachelor's???  Btw, those heart buttons are hand sewn to the bag.  I seriously pricked my finger like 1000 times when i wa sdoing the right side (im a lefty) and yes, she chose the cherry, the color of the buttons and the dang arrangement on the tota bag!

On another note, I just want to mention that my face is finally going back to normal, and although i have been stressed over the ridiculous stuff i learn in physics, i have not seen a zit yet =D  Also, my face has been "normal" and i have not seen any excess oil that would otherwise classify me as "oily"  I have changed a lot on my skin care routine though, and i am positive it is just that what made my face clear up =D


  1. Great eyeshadow love the colors , your dauther is too cute and what good mommy you are sewing her cute stuff !!! Have a amazing week

  2. Love the eye makeup honey, and your daugther is soo cute!! x

  3. Your skin looks great. Mine has been so temperamental as of reaching my thirties. I've tried changing thing in my skin regime and still don't know what is causing the change.

    I like the eye shadow - sparkly. And I can't sew anything not even buttons. Cute bag and cute little girl.

  4. Wow I loveyour skin it now has such a youthful natural glow to it and your expression even looks happier as well. Your daughter is such a girly girl love lil girls.