Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wet N Wild Eyes

I used one of the new Wet-n-Wild Holiday Palettes. I believe this is called "Snow??"

I used the Green side only =P.....

...And forgot the Eyeliner! LOL
(Rigo and I)

I actually looked better. This picture was taken with his phone
and his cell takes crappy pictures.

Curdoroy pencil skirt, blacl tights and boots. Gray tee
OMG my butt looked HUGE with this outfit!
But good huge, J-Lo Mover over! ^_^
I am not used to that booty, so I was happy, happy, happy yayuh!

So thats it. My sister took my child to a party, so we had no kid...so we went to some friends house to watch the Fight...Go Pac-man!!!! I am not used to attention, but seriously, i know i have a big booty (well i had it "made" big lol) but that night looked like a mix b/w Kim Kardashian and J-Lo !!!!!!!


  1. Glad you had fun with your bottilicious self.,lol! I have the other pallettes in Lust and Vanity and I really like them, they are actually very pigmented and versatile since they have matte and satin finishes.

  2. omg i need to get my hands on those wet and wild palettes ive been seeing them everywhere on blogtown! and you looked gorgeous :) i wish i had a jlo butt!

  3. I feel left out cause I don't have any of the holiday palettes! ahhah I loove the look you created and the outfit!!Lucky! I wish I had an ass like that ahha! I saw the fight too! It was good yay for Pac-Man!

  4. Aww you look cute! I keep wanting to wear a pencil skirt but my legs are so white..especially now that it's summer lol!
    Thanks for the tips about the MAC fix+.. Now that I know it's multi useful I will def need to buy 2 bottles lol! :)

  5. New blog follower

    I love those greens, very pretty! the outfit is very pretty too!!


  6. You ladies are too sweet! I am getting used to the booty lmao! Some outfits really make it pop, and since i had no butt before, it is a new thing for me, and i am liking it tooooo much lol!

    In case you wonder why i had no butt before...the reason was a lipo LOL....the Dr seriously moved the fat around it and placed it right on the butt cheeks, making it all round and plump lol!.....if he only had done the same thing with the belly.....wishful thinking =P

  7. You look great!! And I'm totally digging the confidence! Nothing is sexier. You go girl!! :)

  8. that's awesome you rocked that outfit !!! glad you had a chance to get out =) you've been stress with school so going out does a body good !!