Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just Because....


Hope you guys had a great weekend! I did, I went out with the girls on Saturday, but i cannot find the pictures, so i decided to share this one. Nothing special, just me in plain denim skirt. I did use new eyelash style though, and i love them. So i guess this post has no point....but it is a great excude for my procrastination, however, that 10page paper is calling me soooooo loudly ^_^

I wore this to a b-day party (my lil niece)

MY new lashes! I am loving falsies all over again.
Quick dramatic liner, one shadow, falsies...DONE! LOL
i love drama, but i dont think i would wear this
just on a redular weekday...ok, i lie. yes i would
and will this week!

My eyebows need help soooo badly!
Must get them done SOON... b-4 Thanksgivig =/

PAsty, Ghostly, and ashy lol! but i wore BB cream and foundation mixed, so i guesss its all that SPF in BB creams. I am breaking out so bad, but i think its due to finals (whats new lol) and the fact that i am sooooo graduating Dec 17 =D....which reminds me.....I have not ordered the announcements yey @_@

My New Earrings =)
I Wore this babies yesterday and today, and omg i got many compliments. They really sparkle. i kid you not, they were blinding my bf as we were driving lol!


  1. you look great look at those lashes there amazing !!! love those ear rings !!!

  2. Thanks girl, I am beginning to look a little flatter on my belly, but still not too happy lol...Love the lashes too. I paid like $3 total including tax/shipping for 10 pairs!

  3. Oh wow! you look so pretty :) The lashes look amazing. Love your hair color :)

  4. Love the outfit!! I would wear falsies all the time if i had them ahahaha. Your earnings are very cute! :)

  5. those earnings are sooo cute ! i love them.