Monday, November 29, 2010

FOTD-No "Makeup" makeup

Today I did not feel like wearing loud makeup! I was home all day (still no car, well im scared of it so i refuse to drive it) and bf had to work =/  I spent all day with my daughter cleaning, doing laundry and procrastinating studying for finals, papers, and all the jewelry i need to make!

We only went out to dinner, then came home.  I did go out to do a little shopping but nothing massive.  This is the face i sported out =D

I love my face with mineral foundation the best. I think it covers well and looks glowy and healthy,
but i still love all that pore-clogging, chemical-based junk we all have ^_^
Here: EDM Foundation, Blush anf "lippie"

I wore the EDM roll-on shadow and a purplish from the Wet nWild palettes.
Also, I have been using MAC Zoom Lash quite often. I have tons of samples and never even tried them
until recently.  I like it, but it does not do anything different than the rest.  I also felt too lazy to wear eyeliner.

Once again, Jaeden Charlotte.  She found a binky in her toy chest.  she does not "eat" it, but from time
to time she likes to put it in her mouth.  She has been guarding that thing with ehr life!
She stashes it somewhere i dont know, because she says if i put it away for her it suddenly
becomes "yuky" LMBO...Well i do soak it with Organic aple cider vinegar...
...and it smellls soooo disgusting, tha she hates it and throws it away.  That is how
i made her leave the habit lol!
In this pic: she defied me and asked me to take her a pic and send it to her grandpa (my dad)
after i threatened her to tell him all about her binky. i was speechless, but i
did not show where is that dang binky...i swear she will get extra extra vinegar this time...


  1. hahahah funny story of her blanket but why do you hate it so much ???? love the white on your eyes !!!

  2. Not the blanket....the Binky (pacifier) i think thats what its called lmbo! im Mexican, so it is "Chupon" for me lol, but daycare calls it "Binky"

  3. Very pretty look! You still look good when I wear no makeup I get told every time I look weird hahaha. That is very smart with the vinegar on the binky ewwww hahah I would throw it away and burn it with that smell and taste!