Thursday, September 16, 2010

What Do you Think??

Hello ladies!

Hope everything is going well for you all. I am sooo busy this week with school...i am sleep deprived :( But it is almost

I have not purchased any new cool stuff, i feel like i am missing out. I really want the new MAC Lipglass in Cyndi Lauper, so i migh stob by the MAC Counter to check it out. Any of you own it?

So I really need your opinions on this bracelet. I am cleaning out my junk from my desk and i want to really clean, so anything i dont like will for someone or something like that, or will destroy and remake if possible lol!

Honest opinions are appreciated, even if they are not the prettiest! =D

Hope you all have a great rest of the week and I am lookig forward to reading your blogs...which i have, but i have not commented on them. i never miss a post. i read all of my 31 followers posts ;)


  1. Its awesome !!! don't destroy it its perfect !!! hope your having a great day -)

  2. @Curves...Thanks. I get all frustrated wiith clutter and i just undo the whole thing to later regret it lol! Hope you are having a great day as well ;)

  3. Don't throw it away! its cute with the turtle and clam shell! Its cute I say keep it ahha.

  4. It's a pretty bracelet but I don't really like the small turtle and shell and other things.
    But still cute!

  5. what a beautiful bracelet! and oh my goodness i TAG YOU ALSO FOR MY SUNSHINE AWARD! i dont care i'll put 13 people haha <3

  6. I came to your page as suggested by Donna's Blog. Congratulations on your Sunshine Award.Love your blog. Hope we'll become fashionable friends. And follow each other. And please check and enter my Fendi Giveaway on the following link

  7. AWW Thanks ladies! You are so nice! Seriously, reading your comments and your blogs keeps my sanity going when i am about to collapse, which is daily, readings suck, papers suck, last semerster suck lol. I did decide to leave it alone and pass it on to my cousin. I have a few more that need to figure out what to do with...I have tons of new stuff coming in and i do not want to have tons of junk sitting around.....maybe i can "sponsor" part of someone's giveaway...