Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today's post has nothing to do with makeup! Rather, it is about fragances. I recently stumbled upon Lucretias Body Oils and Sprays over the internet. I browsed through her store and went on to her Facebook page. After reading all the rave reviews I decided to place an order, but I was still skeptical.

Well I got order 1 out of 2 today! (she had a 50% off, so I ordered more). This was a "trial" order so there were only 3 items.

I bought roll on body oils in Aquia Di Gio for men, Chance by Chanel, ans Armani Code. After testing them and comparing them to my authentic versions, I gotta say I was, and still am in Shock. They are IDENTICAL and should I dare to say even better?

Lucretia's body oils are that, oil based, but are not oily or greasy, they blend well and OMG the scent is there! They are very very long lasting, and again, they smell identical to the authentic versions, so please do not think you are buyin a rancind, ammonia-smelling immitation fragance from the drugstore, these are by far the best and very high quality indeed~

My verdict? I will no longer spend $60-100 o a perfume from a department store. sure the bottles and packaginh might be attractive, but for anywhere between $5 to $15 a pop, I rather by from Lucretias Body Oils and will continue to do so for a long time. I will be trying out her other bath products and her newest line of linen sprays soon!!

If you are interested, please check out her website and become a Facebook Fan for even more savings!

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